Baldwin, Wadforth, Ramsay, Bailey and Tufford Start the Month of June in the Win Column

For Immediate Release: Brighton Speedway Race Report 

It was a windy Saturday night at the dirt track, but the sun was shining, and the on-track action was hot for Lambert Construction and Concrete along with Brighton Tire & King Auto Campbellford night as fans came out to cheer on their favourite drivers.  This Saturday night was fan appreciation and fans were able head on to the track and meet their favourite drivers at intermission for autographs, tricks and treats!   With the wind blowing strong all day track crews worked hard to put as much water on the surface as they could, but the conditions lead to a slick racing surface right from the start of the heats for the drivers to tackle. 


First feature to take to the slick surface was the Bill’s John’s Comp 4 division. #19 Shannon White and #15 Josh Bogaard started from the pole position for the initial green flag how ever it was forth starting #42 Aidan Fletcher who made early moves and would take the lead by lap 3.  Fletcher would look strong until lap 12 when #44 Tommy Bailey would make the pass for the top spot.  Fletcher would continue to challenge for the lead, but Bailey would hold on taking the checker flag for the second week in a row.  Fletcher would finish second followed by #20 Cody Sager, Bogaard and #37 Terry Blight. 


The Vanderlaan Building Products Late Model 30 lap feature hit the track next, and it was the #57 Charlie Sandercock and #3 Nathan Rinaldi starting from the front row.   Sandercock would jump out to the early lead and #46 Brandon Mowat would mount an early charge on the high side to chase down Sandercock.  A number of early cautions would pit the two drivers’ side by side on the restart as the two battled back and forth for the restart.  There was a lot of passing throughout the fields as cars moved backwards and forwards with in the top 6 positions and currents points leader #5 Steve Baldwin would jump into the mix for three car battle for the lead.   With Mowat in the lead there a turn 4 incident between Baldwin and Sandercock lead to a late race caution with two laps to go.  Officials deemed Sandercock’s action caused the caution, and he was put to the back.  On the ensuing restart Baldwin would get the jump on and Mowat would drive high into corner one to try and get back around Baldwin.   The move didn’t work as #11 Kyle Sopaz , Rinaldi and #77 Caley Weese would all get under Mowat, and they would finish in that order with Baldwin holding on to win his second of the year followed by Sopaz, Rinaldi, Weese and Mowat. 

Third feature on tap was The Brighton Automotive Thunder Stock division with 19 cars set to take the green flag.  Completing double duty Late Model winner #28 Steve Baldwin started from the pole along side #19 Corey White. Baldwin would jump out to the early lead and stay there for the first 6 laps before #17 Jeff Humphry would make the pass for the top spot.  Humphry’s lead would only las 2 laps until last weeks winner #03 Justin Ramsay came charging up from his ninth place starting position to take the lead on lap 9.  Humphry would try to work back around Ramsay in lap traffic but was unable to get it done as Ramsay would win his third feature of the year followed by Humphry, #72 Doug Anderson, Baldwin and White would round out the top five. 


The Bainer’s OilGARD Anti Rust Canadian Modified division would see two previous feature winners start on the front row #2 Leslie Mowat and #40 Ron Wadforth would lead the field to green.  Wadforth would get the early lead and would not look back as he was able to roll the bottom of the track and open up a full straight away lead.  #1 Shawn Gregory started sixth place and had to use the high side of the track to make his way to second place by lap 8 however by that time Wadforth had a sizeable lead.  Gregory would do everything to track Wadforth down and was closing the gap however with no cautions Wadforth would go on to win his second feature of the season.  Gregory would finish second followed by Mowat, #5 Wally Alderdice and #32 Doug O’Blenis 


The final feature of the night was the Bill’s John’s Mini Stock Division.  #54 Tim Moore #18 Carter Rhodes would fire from the front row on the initial green flag and it would be Rhodes that jumped to the early lead.   The racing was fast and furious as #12 Caleb Severin and #4 Chris Tufford would join the battle for the lead.  Rhodes would be successful at defending all challenges for the lead until the last lap was Tufford would manage to edge a nose under Rhodes up the back straight away and narrowly get past Rhodes on the last lap for his first win of the season.  Rhodes would come home second with Moore third followed by a strong run from rookie #41 Landon Mitchell that drove from fourteenth to fourth position with Severin rounding out the top five. 


Next up is the Southern Ontario Sprints.  The winged warriors will lead the race card Saturday June 10th presented by Fidelity Engineering.  Adult admission is only $25, and you can purchase your tickets for this Saturday’s event at the gate or online at  Also racing will be the Bainer’s OilGARD Anti Rust Canadian Modifieds, Bill’s Johns Mini Stocks, Bill’s Johns Comp 4’s and the Quinte Septic Stingers.  Front Gates open each Saturday at 5:00 pm. 

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Brighton Speedway Social Media: Follow Brighton Speedway’s Official Social Media Accounts Facebook: Twitter: @BrightonSpdwy Instagram: @BrightonSpdwy  

About Brighton Speedway: Brighton Speedway is a 1/3-mile clay stock car racing oval located on the shores sof Lake Ontario in Brighton, Ont. The speedway hosts five weekly stock car divisions on Saturday nights from May to September. Brighton Speedway mailing address: 775 County Road 64, Brighton, ON, K0K 1H0 


Photos by Rod Henderson, 

  1. Vanderlaan Building Products Late Model feature action on Saturday at Brighton Speedway saw No 5 Steve Baldwin collect another checkered flag. 
  1. Brighton Automotive Thunder Stocks were action packed on the slick 1/3rd mile clay oval at Brighton Speedway Saturday night. 

Feature Results:  Saturday, June 3rd   

Bill’s Johns Comp 4 Division   

1 44 Tommy  Bailey 

2 42jr Aidan Fletcher 

3 20 Cody Sager 

4 15 Josh Bogaard 

5 37 Terry Blight 

6 19 Shannon White

7 97 Robert Jenner 

8 91 Jaiden  Miller 

9 87 Jordan Monaghan 

10 55 Zach Humphry 

11 77 Curtis Chamberlain

12 90 Nathan Joseph 

13 1 Scott Simpson 

Bill’s Johns Mini Stock Division 

1 4 Chris  Tufford 

2 18 Carter  Rhodes 

3 54 Tim Moore 

4 41 Landon Mutch 

5 12 Caleb  Severin  

6 95 Chris  Lammle 

7 71 Alesha Gerrard  

8 0 William Vidito 

9 17e Evan Minnie 

10 72 John South 

11 43 Jacob McKenzie 

12 8 Devon Obrien 

13 77 Ethan  Humphry 

14 96 Cole Abrams 

15 22 Tyson Gregory 

16 7 Josh Toon 

Brighton Automotive Thunder Stocks 

1 3 Justin Ramsay 

2 17 Jeff Humphry  

3 72 Doug Anderson 

4 28 Steve Baldwin 

5 19 Cory White 

6 0 Tyler French 

7 97 Dave Barrett 

8 18 Kyle Anderson 

9 9 Josh Black  

10 3 Paul  Read 

11 23 Doug May 

12 74 Mike Lucas 

13 6 Bill OHara 

14 16 Kaitlyn O’Blenis 

15 8 Angie Kirby 

16 45 Dylan Riley 

17 6 Chris Hackett 

18 11 Cole  McKeown  

19 79 Kyle Beaudrie 

20 27 Torri Pope 

Bainer’s OilGARD Anti Rust Canadian Modified Division 

1 40 Ron Wadforth 

2 1 Shawn Gregory 

3 2 Leslie Mowat 

4 5 Wally Alderdice   

5 32 Doug O’Blenis 

6 9 Dan Price 

7 50 Dylan Boyle 

8 41 Corey Halbert  

9 51 Mike Freeman 

10 26 Bob Green 

Vanderlaan Building Products Late Model Division 

1 5 Steve Baldwin 

2 11 Kyle  Sopaz 

3 3 Nate Rinaldi 

4 77 Caley Weese  

5 46 Brandon Mowat 

6 41 Ryan Lambert 

7 5 James Seymour 

8 33 David Vandertoorn 

9 57 Charlie Sandercock 

10 21 Rich Sanders 

11 49 Brett Hope 

12 73 Anthony Rinaldi 

13 151 Brian McDonald 

14 39 Rob Hood 



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Kart # Name
Box Stock 1
1 797 Luke Cuthbertson
2 29 Deegan Sudsbury
3 37 Ella Wannamaker
4 11 Bentley Fulton
5 03 Luke Ramsay
6 68 Gunner Ellis
7 39 Lucas Wannamaker
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3 22 Nolan  Chatten
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7 70 Finley Mahoney
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Thursday, June 1st
Kart # Name
Box Stock 1
1 797 Luke Cuthbertson
2 29 Deegan Sudsbury
3 37 Ella Wannamaker
4 11 Bentley Fulton
5 3 Luke Ramsay
6 68 Gunner Ellis
7 39 Lucas Wannamaker
8 5 Liam Baldwin
Box Stock 2
1 29 Lily Walters
2 92 Race Turner
3 77 Max Van Dyk
Rookie 1
1 87 Weston Mitts
2 15 Charlotte de Wal
3 48 Knoxin