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ATTENTION DRIVERS!! 2024 Registration is now Open.

Payments will NOT be accepted through the office. ALL payments are to be made through our online store. 

Office is Open for enquiries/ upon appointment. For all other enquiries please contact the the Speedway Office at 613-475-1102 or by email at

$35.00 Mandatory Registration Fee
$90.00 Pit Spot*

*Drivers have until March 1st to Register and keep their number and Pit Spot.  After that, Pit Spots will be open to any on the wait list.

*Drivers must have paid their registration fee to be eligible to secure a Pit Spot.

Don’t forget! All Late Model, Canadian Modified, Pro Stock and Comp 4 / Mini Stock Drivers MUST have a MyLaps Transponder and RACEceiver. These are available for purchase from the Speedway Office.


Brighton Speedway Park encourages all drivers, pit crew and fans to support the sponsors of this great sport of ours. We all need to make a special effort and encourage others as well to support the sponsors of the race track for without them Brighton Speedway Park would not be here for us to enjoy.

Mandatory Waiver for Pit Access

We are currently transitioning to a NEW and MANDATORY online waiver to access the restricted pit area at Brighton Speedway. We are aware this can be a big change for some of you, as it also is for us.

Once, your online waiver is completed you will NEED to save your proof of waiver. You can save this by screenshotting the image or by clicking “save options” and emailing it to yourself and printing the waiver off. This proof MUST be shown weekly to get into the back gate (example: the image I have attached).

To complete the minor portion of the waiver please “tick” the box stating “I am signing on behalf of a minor”. Follow the same steps as an adult waiver, the minor, and legal parent(s) and/or guardian(s) must each sign and take their image for the minor waiver to be valid. 

Reach out to us if you need any support or guidance during this process.


Last Updated: March 9, 2022

Note: Electronic Timing and Scoring began May 4, 2013.
Records are retrieved from MyLaps Speedhive

*Data accumulated by Clayton Johns
** Data accumulated by Hannah McCrory

The Pro Late Models features an affordable, durable crate engine option and other rules to keep the cost of racing in check. After a 10-year hiatus the Late Model Division brings new character and exciting action to our tight 1/3-mile bullring. The drivers are competitive, creative and dynamic as they thrill the fans each and every week. The Pro Late Models returned to Brighton Speedway in 2010 under DIRTcar sanctioning. At the start of the 2015 season, the Pro Late Model division aligned under RUSH Late Model sanctioning. Starting in 2022, the Pro Late Models will be NLMA (Northeast Late Model Alliance) sanctioned. For more information regarding the Northeast Late Model Alliance Series, visit

The Canadian Modifieds are the second fastest division at Brighton Speedway and put on a fast-paced weekly show packed with excitement. These open wheel 350 ci. V-8 powered cars became a full-time class at the speedway in 2001 and have since become a fan favourite. Canadian Modifieds are purpose built race cars with very little factory stock parts used in their manufacturing process. The specifications of this class were derived from an IMCA style car although some modifications were made to make them unique to Brighton Speedway and affordable to competitors.

Thunder Stock racecars are designed on a factory stock chassis with a stock appearing body. This class provides some of the most exhilarating and competitive racing at the speedway. Drivers have the option to run a BSP built GM/CHEVY 350 C.I two-barrel carbureted type engine or the more common option of a 602 GM Crate engine with ODCC sealing. The V-8 350 C.I. powered street stock-style cars have race on Hoosier Racing Tires and select few other racing modifications. These racing modifications convinced management to change the name of the longest running class at Brighton Speedway from Street Stock to Pro Stock in 2002. Starting in 2019, the division was then renamed to Thunder Stocks and follow the Ontario Dirt Competition Committee Thunder Stock rules.

On any given Saturday night, some of the biggest thrills happen in a Comp 4 race. This class is based on domestic and imported 4-cylinder vehicles that have been a long time crowd pleaser. It has also been the source of the speedway’s highest car counts in any division. Don’t let their size fool you. These little cars can turn a pretty hot lap and they have a ton of fun doing it. Some of the more popular brands in this class may be the Honda Civic or CRX, the Toyota Celica, Ford Mustang and the always-beloved Chevrolet Chevette.

A division similar to the Comp 4 division, the Mini Stocks bring an affordable option to the amateur individual participating in racing cars. The Mini Stock drivelines and suspensions must remain factory stock, while the Comp 4 division has the ability to “play” with certain adjustable suspension components. These 3 or 4-cyl race cars follow a uniform set of rules under the Ontario Dirt Competition Committee, to allow the option for drivers to travel and compete at participating tracks across Ontario. For more information regarding the ODCC Mini Stocks

Six Cylinder Stingers are for the ultimate weekend warrior that is interested in racing but doesn’t want the budget or commitment of a full-time racer! This class races on a bi-weekly basis. It is an exciting affordable way to get new people involved in the sport. The cars are 6 cylinder front wheel drive cars that race for trophies only. Points are kept and awards are given out at the year-end banquet. There is a claim rule in effect to keep the cost of the cars down. On any night, a driver, crew member or even a fan can purchase any car on the track for $900.00. Stinger drivers can win bonus prizes and awards throughout the year for best appearing and best themed cars.

With sprint car racing in Ontario becoming more and more popular, Brighton Speedway now has 3 different sprint car series that make an appearance to our 1/3 mile. Sprint cars provide fans with some of the most exhilarating, fastest and exciting racing anywhere in Ontario. The Southern Ontario Sprints and Knights of Thunder Series run the ever so fast 360 C.I engines. While the Action Sprint Car Tour offers a more affordable option of running a 602 GM Crate converted to run methanol or ethanol fuel.  Their visits to Brighton are capped off by the annual Labour Day Classic Weekend, a double header for sprint cars on both Saturday and Sunday of the Labour Day Weekend. For more information, visit:,,

The Gord’s Water Vantastics appear a couple of times throughout the season. These mini vans put on an entertaining and sometimes crazy show. With entertainment in mind the drivers are all motivated to be crowd pleasers and they aim to complete laps while stick handling any of the crazy obstacles officials may throw at them! Not only is it wild and crazy but the Vantastics are not limited to only one driver. Competitors can put as many people in their racing vans as they want provided they have roll bars and racing seat belts for each participant in the van.

Endurance racing happens once a year at Brighton Speedway at the ever so popular annual Eve of Destruction. The Eve of Destruction hosts 3 different endurance divisions of Juniors (Ages 14-17 with no race experience), Ladies and 100 lap Monster enduro. This is a very affordable option for anyone to participate in a day of racing and destruction.

School Busses made there debut at the Speedway in 2004. They were a huge success provided racing that was filled with action and excitement. The School Busses provide wild and crazy racing action with 14 -18 busses circling the 1/3rd mile clay oval twice a year.

2024 EVE OF DESTRUCTION - stay tuned


Event Day Admission $35.00 – Everyone entering the Pits on this day will be subject to this entry fee.  Season Passes are not valid for this event.
Follow this link below to complete the online registration form  ***PRICING SUBJECT TO CHANGE 

The day’s events are as follows in the order below:
  • Junior 25 Lap Enduro (Ages 14 to 17 with NO race experience)
  • Ladies 35 Lap Enduro
  • School Bus Heat Races
  • Hotch’s Autoparts 100 Lap Enduro 4 & 6 CYLINDER CARS ONLY
  • School Bus Feature Event
  • 15 Lap Trailer Race
  • 10 Lap Flag Pole Race
  • Long Jump Competition
  • The Brighton Recycling Demolition Derby

**Additional Safety Rules**

Driver safety is our number one priority and we will refuse poorly built or excessively rotted cars.

  • 2 wheel drive cars only.
  • Engine and bolt on components are to remain Stock to car being raced. (Excludes air filter and tube).
  • No flashing lights on cars.
  • 18″X 18″ fin to be mounted on roof or trunk lid with car number displayed. Must be able to be read from stands seating.
  • No poor installations of seats or belts. Minimum of four 3/8 bolts if using aluminum seat, 2 on base and 2 on back support.
  • A passenger may be allowed for trailer race providing there is a minimum 4 point race harness installed.
  • A rubber floor mat is required to be secured above battery to prevent contact with hood on impact and to protect driver if mounted inside car. Battery may be mounted inside car in milk crate or approved battery box. 1 ratchet strap over battery minimum.
  • All flammable materials must be removed except drivers seat and dash. No carpet, plastic or passenger seats.
  • Sunroofs must have glass removed and hole covered with body metal.
  • All glass MUST be removed from cars AND TRAILERS including signal and fog lights. Windshield is allowed but suggested to be removed.
  • ZERO broken glass is allowed in cars. Not in trunk, floors or inside doors. Cars will be refused.
  • No mirrors!
  • NO cellphones or communication device.
  • ONE bar may be added above or below existing bumper to protect rad. MUST NOT be any larger than 2″ square. Must not stick out further ahead than bumper. Only one support on either side to connect to added bar but can not extend more than 10″ behind bar.
  • Front and rear plastic bumper covers must be removed.
  • 2 chains (or cable)from bumper attached to main body, front and rear. NO SWINGSET CHAINS.
  • ALL wheel nuts/bolts are mandatory on every tire. No aluminum wheels on passenger side of car.
  • Safety screen must be installed on driver half of front window opening. Plus two 3/8 (minimum)upright support bars.
  • Hoods must have factory latch removed and replaced with hood pins or seat belts. NO WIRE!
  • NO V8 ENGINES ALLOWED for enduros.
  • Fuel tank. If it’s loose or leaking, doesn’t pass. May be left in stock position as long as straps still good and it’s ahead of rear axle. If remounted in trunk, it must be placed as far forward as possible. Must close off trunk area with body metal. NO fuel lines to be rerouted through inside of car.
  • Air bags in steering wheel removed.
  • Tires- No lug style tires. Maximum tread with is 9 inches. M&S allowed but no snows.
  • Exhaust may be cut off but must be in place to rear of driver and wired up so doesn’t drag on track. Please remove mufflers.
    Radiator is to remain in stock location under hood.

**-Safety items-fire extinguisher (optional)mounted securely, gloves, coveralls or fire suit. Foam neck collar or better such as Necksgen are highly recommended and MAY be mandatory next year.

Please do not show up to race and have a car full of glass, junk, tires etc. If your car is not ready for tech when tech starts, you may be pulled from your current starting position and made to start scratch.

NEW – best appearing awards will be given out including best themed cars.

Pit Gates open at 7:30 am, Racing is at 1:00 pm.


Event Descriptions are as follows.  PRICING SUBJECT TO CHANGE!!

Remember in ALL events that deliberate intent to personally injure someone or deliberate hitting in the driver’s door is strictly prohibited.

Please note that it is the driver that is registered and not the car, one driver can bring as many cars to the speedway as he or she feels like, or one vehicle can be shared between multiple drivers in the different events. However each driver is limited to one vehicle per event. We will give 10 – 15 minutes between events to allow for repairs to your vehicle if possible for the next event.

If you have any questions about any of the events please contact the speedway office at or 1-866-681-1102.

Our Sponsors


"Thursday June 15th"
Kart # Name
Box Stock 1
1 797 Luke Cuthbertson
2 29 Deegan Sudsbury
3 37 Ella Wannamaker
4 11 Bentley Fulton
5 03 Luke Ramsay
6 68 Gunner Ellis
7 39 Lucas Wannamaker
8 5 Liam Baldwin
Box Stock 2
1 29 Lily Walters
2 92 Race Turner
3 77 Max Van Dyk
Rookie 1
1 87 Weston Mitts
2 15 Charlotte de Wal
3 48 Knoxin Wells
4 07 Conor Vancott
Rookie 2
1 88 Reagan Grimmon
2 14 Chase White
3 08 Lilly Ray
4 2 Liam McPeak
5 54 Rae-lynn Branscombe
6 10 Hanna Merry
JR Sportsman 1
1 01 Blake Gregory
2 7 Tate Black
3 19 Bentley Davidson
4 15 Liam Pakenham
5 23 Alby Hodkinson
JR Sportsman 2
1 629 Thomas Mcgale
2 20 Aj Peeters
3 91 Jackson Veenstra
4 31 Brody Davidson
5 99 Bryce Massey
JR Restricted/Stock Lite
1 1 Coleson Gregory
2 89 Kolby Ellis
3 22 Nolan  Chatten
4 99 Jonelle Burke
5 14 Holden Paul
6 9 Cooper McKeown
7 70 Finley Mahoney
8 18 Elliot Stacey
Thursday, June 1st
Kart # Name
Box Stock 1
1 797 Luke Cuthbertson
2 29 Deegan Sudsbury
3 37 Ella Wannamaker
4 11 Bentley Fulton
5 3 Luke Ramsay
6 68 Gunner Ellis
7 39 Lucas Wannamaker
8 5 Liam Baldwin
Box Stock 2
1 29 Lily Walters
2 92 Race Turner